How and Why Everyone Should Join a Cooperative
Posted by countryrivercooperat, 01/13/2018 11:11 am

Cooperatives have a long history of helping communities to grow and prosper. The objective of any cooperative is to combine the resources of numerous people to make it possible for them to have the goods and services they need. This type of effort is seen in a variety of industries and its biggest benefit for many is that it gives the contributors a level of control over providing for their own needs that they would not have had on their own.

Why Coops Succeed

The people that work and invest in cooperatives are also the owners of the business. They decide how it operates and makes decisions based on firsthand knowledge. The products they provide help all of the members and the community because they are often priced lower than the other options available.

Where They Exist

Cooperatives exist in many industries around the United States. There are grocery and retail cooperatives, housing co-ops and utility organizations. Even credit unions are an example of a member-based cooperative business. They exist in every state and provide their services to a wide range of customers. Many of these organizations begin in areas where poverty is rampant because the founders of the co-op establish the program to increase the work opportunities for the residents. The ultimate is to also boost the sales of locally owned businesses and to provide the area with lower priced products.

How to Join

It is possible to purchase the goods or use the services provided by many cooperatives as just a consumer. If people want to take their involvement further they can become a member of a local co-op. The process of becoming a member is usually very easy. For example, current customers of River Country Cooperative only need to fill out a patronage card.

Cooperative members earn a share of the profits, have the right to express their opinions in the direction and growth of the business and help to support local industry while they also save money. River Country is an example of a locally-based business that began over 80 years ago and has continued to expand and offer more to its members and the community. To learn more about their history and what they offer, please visit site for the most recent reports about their activities.

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